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Shenzhen Green Grape Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise dedicated to the development, integration and innovation of virtualized products with the mission of "promoting hardware value". Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has many branches and offices throughout the country.

The company's core products are desktop virtualization and server virtualization, and have 6 patents in the field of virtualization. For the first time in the industry, a virtualization platform based on symmetric clusters-OVP was proposed. It is the first domestic company with independent intellectual property rights. Virtualization platform and solution provider.

The company focuses on the field of cloud computing and proposes a one-stop desktop virtualization platform solution. Committed to helping business users save IT costs, simplify IT management, improve work efficiency, and ensure data security. Taking advantage of its own cost and service advantages, Green Grape Technology provides customized desktop cloud overall solutions for users from all walks of life, and has developed rapidly in the fields of education, public libraries, enterprises, finance, government and other industries, with a large number of successful cases .

The management team of Green Grape Technology is composed of excellent talents with international background and localization experience. The core members have served in well-known enterprises such as Shenzhen Convince, Huawei, Tencent, and have rich industry experience.

With leading technologies and products, a deep understanding of the industry, and advanced service concepts and capabilities, Green Grape Technology is based on better meeting the needs of customers in the domestic market and is committed to becoming a leading and world-class comprehensive cloud computing solution Provider.
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